Manhattan Murder Mystery (1993; USA; Technicolor; 104m) ∗∗∗½  d. Woody Allen; w. Woody Allen, Marshall Brickman; ph. Carlo Di Palma.  Cast: Woody Allen, Diane Keaton, Alan Alda, Anjelica Huston, Jerry Adler, Lynn Cohen, Ron Rifkin, Ira Wheeler, Joy Behar, William Addy. A middle-aged couple suspects foul play when their neighbour’s wife suddenly drops dead. Witty mystery with a top-class cast. Hand-held camera work and Woody’s trademark naturalistic approach to dialogue helps create some tension, but its Allen’s one-liners and Keaton’s scatty characterisation that are the real pull here. Alda’s lonely playwright and Huston’s confident novelist also score. [PG]

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