The Songs of Genesis: The Complete Guide to the Studio Recordings

Twenty years in the making makes this book sound like something from Cecil B. DeMille. But there was a 16-year gap between my first attempt at the turn of the century and my final sharpened up and expanded manuscript, now in the hands of my publisher, McFarland.

Genesis has been a huge part of my life since 1980 when I bought the single “Duchess” from my local Javelin Records in Bury and played it to death on my dad’s B&O turntable. I had wanted to write a book about their music for many years and now in 2019, I have finally completed it.

The book focuses on the band’s music and is a critical guide to the songs, as well as the story of their conception. Whilst the book is not intended as a biography, I do provide a history of the band alongside the analysis of the songs, to give context.

The book has a provisional publication date of 18 May 2020.